BenFlo will help create an energetic and modern peer culture within your organization
Foster and encourage employee fitness, health, wellbeing, peer recognition, business projects and more
Clearly communicate your company values and goals to your employees and drive performance
BenFlo delivers all of your employee engagement tools in one easy-to-use platform

We are BenFlo

In 2012, development of a new modular platform commenced, which would permit clients to select the modules they wished to provide to their employees, as well as integrate with further software providers, all branded according to client requirements.


BenFlo includes the following modular components:



Positive Occupational &
Wellbeing Resources


Peer to peer recognition and/or
employee reward system


Connecting employees and
promoting positive peer culture


Improving employee general
fitness levels.


A series of online tools providing
tangible lifestyle benefits


Save money with hundreds of
brands & retailers

Positive Occupational &
Wellbeing Resource

Positive Occupational & Wellbeing Resource (POWR) is an online resource which replicates an individual's personal experience when seeking professional advice on how to improve their general health and mental wellbeing. POWR helps the individual to identify key areas in their life which are performing well and others requiring encouragement and help.

The help is provided by designing management plans specific to that person, offering daily interventions which helps to cultivate personal responsibility to develop mental health through a multitude of tangible pragmatic exercises.

When utilized by organizations, POWR provides the following benefits:

  • Promotes wellbeing at work by addressing employees physical and mental health
  • Increasing productivity while decreasing absenteeism
  • Preventing contagious stress and negative emotions between co-workers
  • Precise identification of areas of strength and challenge within the organization
  • Generates information about the company’s wellbeing, clearly demonstrating what is working and what could improve
  • Helps the organization to develop a positive, optimistic and progressive culture
  • Learning from employee presentations can facilitate targeted training

Rewards & Recognition

This multi-faceted module will provide corporate clients with a choice of system options, including peer to peer social recognition functionality, a wide range of reward types and categories, and key employee behavior measurement.

The intention is to engage employees using a combination of peer recognition, hierarchical recognition, behavioral ambition, and seamless delivery of tangible 'trophy effect' rewards.

Rewards & Recognition will provide the following benefits to organizations:

  • Improve productivity and morale by engaging employees
  • Monitor key corporate behaviors (key behaviors are set by client)
  • Peer to peer recognition significantly improves corporate culture
  • Increased individual productivity – the act of recognizing desired behavior increases the repetition of the desired behavior, and therefore productivity

Community & Useful Articles

The Community module harnesses the power of the 'group' dynamic. We have built a robust back-end to the BenFlo platform, capable of performing a wide variety of fundamental, yet flexible tasks, including user-to-user online messaging, and user-to-audience display messaging.

Using this technology, we have developed a series of compelling engagement tools, which will not only save the employee money, but will provide relevant and valuable day-to-day lifestyle benefits, whether financial, social, or professional. These tools include:

  • Employee Car Pooling
  • Sports & Fitness Group Creation and Introduction
  • Community Events & Notices
  • Group Classifieds
  • Apartment / Home Sharing

The Useful Articles section is a library of articles and resources, accessible only to users of the system, which introduces the user to a variety of useful content and recommendations in the following categories – Wellbeing, Healthy Living, Travel Tips, Money Saving Tips, and Education & Training.


Community & Useful Articles provide the following to organizations:

  • Generates employee social and professional interaction and engagement
  • Saves employees time and money with a series of innovative and useful tools

Business Mentoring

This module connects senior employees with junior employees for the purpose of promoting professional discussion and mentoring. In today's ultra-skilled workplace, employers can use this tool to cultivate and share skills amongst employees.

The matching technology of this tool means mentors and mentees can easily find each other in order to initiate new programs, and helps provide users of the system with programs suitable to their skills and knowledge.

Business Mentoring provides the following benefits to organizations:

  • Promotes positive, progressive and professional corporate culture
  • Significantly improves employee knowledge basis on company business goals
  • Provides valuable management information on engaged employees
  • Fosters leadership skills

Coupons & Savings

Employees enjoy access to thousands of great discounts from well known brands & retailers. We provide thousands of discounts to employees, which means they have access to a wide range of savings on day-to-day items, as well as high-saving products in the financial, insurance & tax areas.

This popular module is used time and time again by employees to deliver significant savings throughout the year.

System Features

  • Bespoke benefits platform, branded for your organization.
  • Bigger Brands & Retailers
  • Exclusive & Deeper Discounts
  • Local, National & International Discounts
  • Fully Integrated Communications

Fitness & Wearables

Fitness and wellness programs can have big benefits for your business, from creating an energetic culture, to reducing sickness and absenteeism and therefore contributing directly to the bottom line.

BenFlo have created a fun online tool, promoting competition within the workplace, and integrating with lots of different devices including FitBit, Google Fit, Jawbone and more. Clients can set up teams within the organization, and users can create further sub-groups, for the purpose of monitoring and encouraging daily exercise and competition.

The Fitness & Wearables module provides the following benefits to organizations:

  • Promotes wellbeing at work and helps to build an energetic corporate culture
  • Positively affects performance by improving individual fitness and concentration rates, and reduces employee absenteeism
  • Helps to encourage healthier lifestyle choices outside of the workplace
  • Workplace challenges help to promote social engagement between employees

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We provide voluntary benefits platforms to some of the largest organizations in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, including;

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